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Zeeelle is a British luxury wig house known for its craftsmanship, innovation and design. Zeeelle was founded with the objective: to offer ready-to-wear wigs at an amazing price, while being socially conscious.

The idea to design wig started with a problem. Ours was simple: regular use of heat on natural hair and using hair extensions lead to extensive hair damage over time. Wigs bought online out of the box were either out-dated styles, too “skinny” or not well made. Where are the options?

We tried purchasing hair extensions and sending it to a hairstylist to be made into a wig. It was so much hassle keeping track!

Zeeelle was created as an alternative.

Unlike other wigs in the market, Zeeelle wigs are handcrafted with a technique, which makes the wig hairline look like it is naturally growing from your scalp. Each unit is specially made with a scalp replica that matches your scalp colour. This scalp replication gives Zeeelle units the versatility that allows you part anywhere.


Besides this, we offer GLUELESS wigs. No tape, thread or professional application required to wear. Each piece is fitted with an elastic band at the back to ensure it is perfectly secure.


We hope you love our units as much as we do because every woman deserves to have good hair.


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2. You are required to maintain a sufficient monthly payment amount.

3. PayitMonthly will send you an email notification where they are unable to reauthorize the remaining transaction amount. You will have to promptly update your bank balance to avoid being charged the full outstanding amount of the transaction at once from your bank account.

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