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Some of us are born with naturally fine hair, while some of us may experience hair thinning due to pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes associated with aging, colour treatments, and illness.  Here are five ways to give fine hair volume. Tip #1: Changing your parting This is an instant fix.… read more

A wig that has been made from human hair that has not been dyed or treated will last longer than a wig made of synthetic strands. This is because the hair cuticle is still intact.  Wigs made of ‘virgin’ (untreated) human hair can last for up to one year if… read more

WHAT YOU NEED:  Got 2B Freeze Blast Spray Face powder brush Your skin tone powder HOW TO PULL IT OFF?  Making your wig look invisible is no more a difficult task. You can make your wig look natural using the following things:  First, spray the back of your wig with the freeze… read more

  WHAT YOU NEED:     Lotta body Water HOW TO ACTUALLY PULL IT OFF  We all want that wig to have that nice and smooth look; a flat look. It is no longer difficult to achieve this. You will only need simple ingredients that are definitely within your reach… read more

WHAT YOU NEED? The AMAMI SILK WIG  The following steps shows you how to wear a realistic hairline glueless wig  How to wear the natural looking bio scalp wig? To wear a BioScalp glueless wig, you should follow a simple guideline in order to have a realistic hairline.  … read more