We LOVE scrolling through Instagram and connecting with you lovely lot, but we were recently surprised to read some comments how some people think wearing wigs, in particular, equals low self esteem and the whole team at Zee.elle feel passionately about this subject.






When it comes to self love RuPaul couldn’t have said it better “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Loving yourself and looking good go in hand; yet with the increasing pressure of social media and having to be “camera ready” all the time we understand that some people may think it connects but we believe;


Wearing wigs, makeup or accessories does not define you. You define them.




The wig is nothing if it can’t lace on, makeup is nothing if it doesn't have a beautiful face to buff, contour and highlight on, it just sits in the pan never used and equally accessories just sit on shelfs being their own beauties but they look even better on you.


So we want to to spread the message this Valentines Day that being yourself regardless of what you wear, how you apply your makeup or even the way you dress does not reflect how you feel about yourself. Taking pride in your appearance is not something to be looked down upon and it certainly should not foster negative connotations.


We believe that wearing a wig is a fun way to express yourself. It gives you the option to change up your look and it’s there for you for the times when you feel you do need it.




It takes confidence, dedication and skill to wear a wig and although it can be a sensitive subject for some, there are many women who wear wigs that suffer from hair loss or are recovering from cancer and who is to judge if a wig makes them feel confident, sexy and good about themselves?




And without a wig? Then you are still the same person. You don’t need a wig to make you feel beautiful, loved or accepted you are all of that and more regardless.


Wig or no wig you are powerful, smart and in control.




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