Normal…who wants to be that anyway?

You’ve seen the quote floating around on Instagram, you may have even “liked” it yourself but have you actually taken a second to really think about what it represents?

Society more than ever is “allowing” individuals to express their individuality and in turn it’s giving people the chance to have a unique style and articulate points of views into the world.



When you accept yourself and embrace your individuality, you are sending a message to the world that it is “ok” and in turn encourages others to follow suit.

When we are ourselves we seek to congregate to places, wear the clothes, do the activities, enhance the beauty we have and visit establishments that represent our individuality to align with like minded individuals, but what happens when you think the world or indeed society is on the cup of acceptance, yet some people or organisations continue to shun you?

 It may be because of the way you are dressed or could be the fact that you are wearing makeup to the gym. So what is what we say!


Our latest campaign called “URBAN” shows embracing your individuality and not letting the new "pre-packaged" normal define YOU.


So what if you want to wear makeup to the gym or wear bright colours or choose to voice your political views in a posh restaurant?

We know there is still a long way to go educate to raise awareness and the acceptance of “being the new normal” until it becomes the “social norm” but if we all band together to continue to be our true selves, the ones that are left behind who judge will soon fall to the sideways.


Be “your normal” always.


Love the Zeeelle team. <3


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