Can synthetic hair knots be bleached?

If you are a lover of synthetic wigs or extensions, you must have come across knots that are not your natural hair color. Makes the wig look unrealistic. You can always dye your hair to the color you want, but what happens when you need to bleach hairs that are synthetic?

Before proceeding with bleaching, it is essential to understand what synthetic hair is made of. Synthetic hair, commonly made from a type of plastic called Kanekalon, is sensitive to heat and chemicals. Exposing synthetic hair to hot tools like a curling iron or straightener can melt it, and attempting to bleach it with regular bleach can cause irreversible damage. So, if you must bleach synthetic hair knots, opt for an alternative that is safe for synthetic hair.

One option for bleaching synthetic hair knots is to use fabric dye. Fabric dye, unlike regular bleach, is formulated to be used on synthetic fibers such as Kanekalon. It’s crucial to choose the right color that works for your synthetic hair. Mixing bleach with the fabric dye could help to achieve a more vibrant look. Be diligent when using it to avoid over-dyeing your synthetic hair. You can test a small piece of hair to confirm the desired results before applying it to the entire hair.

Another alternative to bleach synthetic hair knots is using a wig knot healer like the BLIND KNOTS. This is simple and easy to apply and is waterproof

Can synthetic hair knots be bleached?, Realistic Handmade Wigs - Zeeelle

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In conclusion, it is possible to bleach synthetic hair knots, but it’s crucial to choose the right products and handle them with care. Bleaching synthetic hair knots could cause irreversible damage to your hair if you’re not careful. If you are not confident, seek professional services from hair experts or use alternative products such as fabric dye or the blind knot stick. Synthetic hair bleach products are also a great choice but use them with extreme caution.

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