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WHAT YOU NEED:  Got 2B Freeze Blast Spray Face powder brush Your skin tone powder HOW TO PULL IT OFF?  Making your wig look invisible is no more a difficult task. You can make your wig look natural using the following things:  First, spray the back of your wig with the freeze… read more

  WHAT YOU NEED:     Lotta body Water HOW TO ACTUALLY PULL IT OFF  We all want that wig to have that nice and smooth look; a flat look. It is no longer difficult to achieve this. You will only need simple ingredients that are definitely within your reach… read more

We LOVE scrolling through Instagram and connecting with you lovely lot, but we were recently surprised to read some comments how some people think wearing wigs, in particular, equals low self esteem and the whole team at Zee.elle feel passionately about this subject.         When it comes… read more

Normal¦who wants to be that anyway? You’ve seen the quote floating around on Instagram, you may have even “liked” it yourself but have you actually taken a second to really think about what it represents? Society more than ever is “allowing” individuals to express their individuality and in turn it’s… read more

Lace wigs have gained popularity over the years. They are used by most women across the world. However, to benefit from the alluring beauty and wonders of lace wig, you should know how to wear it. The truth is that wearing a lace wig is a skill that should be… read more