Easy Steps to Revive Your Old Wig

Is it just us, or is it heartbreaking when your wig starts to lose its fresh and luscious look?  A nice wig sure isn’t cheap (especially if you’re a human hair kinda gal). We’re almost certain you have a ton of old wigs left over from birthdays and other special occasions that have started to look a bit lifeless.  

Why let your wig go to waste when you can revive and reuse them?  Let’s talk about how!

Step 1: Untangle that mane!

It’s going to take some time and dedication, but with a wide toothed comb and your determination, you can work the tangles out.  A wide toothed comb is best to prevent breakage and any further damage to the wig than its already experienced through wear. If you come across knots, gently massage them loose and comb through.  Once you have a smooth, tangle-free wig, we can move forward.

Step 2: Condition, Condition, Condition.  Get Silky Smooth!

This is a crucial step in restoring  your old looking wig. Lather your hair with a deep conditioner or deep conditioning treatment and be sure to fully saturate, then comb your hair through and and let the conditioner sit for a while and work its magic.  This will help open up hair follicles and nourish them, resulting in the more silky and smooth feel – just like when your wig was brand new!

Link showing you how to condition your wig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCErsQ_MmZ8


Model wearing the Manihitian Curly Lace Front Wig from Zeeelle

Step 3: Three Words: Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s time to get your DIY on.  Now we’re going to create an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse that will restore pH balance to your hair.  Why do we care about pH balance and how does that give your wig life? Well, virgin hair is silky, smooth, soft, and perfect because the cuticles are sealed.  As you start to treat your wig with product such as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc, the cuticles get stripped away. Apple Cider Vinegar helps re-seal cuticles, which will give your hair a fresh look.

Mix it Up: Mix three parts water to one part ACV.  Completely saturate your mane and leave the mix in for 45 minutes to an hour.  Wash out completely with cold water and deep condition once again like we did above.  

Step 4:  Bleach it, baby!  

We know how this sounds, and you’re right.  This is kind of the last resort option, for hair that seems at the point of no return.  If the above steps didn’t quite restore your wig, a bleach bath is the way you’re going to have to go.  Girl, do NOT try this when you wig is still attached to your head unless you want some nice old chemical burns.

  1. Grab yourself a pair of sturdy latex gloves and let’s get to it!  
  2. Fill a basin or tub with hot water (not boiling) and mix with ¼ cup of bleach (yes, the one you use to clean toilets).  
  3. Submerge hair for two to three minutes (no more, or  your color will lift). Comb through the hair while in the bleach bath with a wide toothed comb to smooth and remove tangles.  
  4. Take the hair out of the bath and put it in another tub of warm water.  Mix the water with shampoo of your choice and lift in and out of the mixture for another three minutes.  Comb hair through while in the mix to further smooth and clean the bleach out.
  5. Now, mix ¼ ammonia with ¾ cup warm water, dip and shake out hair a few times.  Repeat shampoo bath one more time.

Condition the wig and place in microwaveable container.  Warm the hair for 10-20 seconds, and set aside for an hour or two.  Remove the hair from container, wash out conditioner, and hang hair to air dry.  Once completely dry, you should see that your old ratty wig has been brought back to life!

Link to video showing you how to bleach your wig back to life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXBy4BGG7Vg

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