Get Beyonce-Worthy Hair Money Piece Highlights At Home

Have you ever wanted to try the same hair color look that Beyonce rocks? Well, now you can give it a go with money piece highlights! The “money piece” is an easy and affordable way to add an eye-catching highlight to your hair without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into what this great style is all about.

What Are Money Piece Highlights?
Money piece highlights are a subtle yet stunning way to add some pizzazz to your hair. This look takes its name from the term “money pieces,” which refers to coins that were used centuries ago as payment for goods and services. This style was popularized by celebrities like Beyonce and has been seen on countless red carpets around the world.

Beyonce wig
Money Pieces Highlights Wig

How To Achieve The Look At Home
To achieve this look at home, you will need a couple of simple tools: highlighting scissors, foils, clips, a comb, and of course, bleach or permanent color dye. Start by sectioning off your hair in 2 sections (top and bottom) with a comb and clips. Then take two small sections on each side of your face and leave them out of the clip so they can be highlighted separately. Take your foils and cut them into 1/2 inch strips. Place one strip at a time in between each strand you have left out for highlighting, making sure that it is placed close to the scalp. Apply either bleach or permanent color dye onto each foil and leave it on for 20 minutes before removing each one carefully. Once all foils have been removed from the front section of your hair, apply toner or shampoo/conditioner after rinsing off any excess product from your hair until all traces of dye are gone. Finish up by running a comb through your locks to ensure even distribution of color throughout each strand before styling as desired!

Achieving this look using a wig

Get Beyonce-Worthy Hair Money Piece Highlights At Home, Realistic Handmade Wigs - Zeeelle

You can try a Beyonce wig with highlights and money pieces. There are a lot of glueless wig options online that will give you the desired look without having to colour your hair.

Money piece highlights are an amazing way to add some texture and volume to fine or limp locks while still keeping things subtle enough for everyday wear. Not only do they look luxurious but they also offer up ample opportunity for experimentation – whether you want blonde strands like Beyonce wig or something more fun like pastel colors – there are endless possibilities when it comes to money piece highlights! With a few simple tools and some patience, anyone can get their own version of this glamorous look right at home! Try it out today and see how good you look with money piece highlights!

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