Hair Like Kylie Jenner: Wigs To Help Transform Your Look Instantly

Have you ever seen Kylie Jenner’s glorious hair on Instagram and been jealous of her long, luscious locks or her sharp short bobs?  We certainly have. It’s no secret that Kylie has an extensive wig collection which she uses to sport new looks regularly. Wig or not, her hair is always on point, shiny, glossy, super healthy looking, and most importantly, when she wears a wig, she makes it look completely natural.  You and I may not be celebrity status, so we may think we need to explain why our hair changes so unexpectedly from short to long and back again, but ladies, who cares? Change up your wig styles just like you change up your outfits, and never apologize for it. Let’s take a look at some styles, cuts, and colors that you absolutely have to have in your wig collection. 

Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

For all of you ladies with either especially short hair that’s taking forever to grow or super long hair that you just can’t bring yourself to cut, a mid-length asymmetrical bob wig will instantly give you a polished, trendy, sleek look.  Think about just how much more complete your business professional outfits will look while rocking a wig like this. Kim Kardashian better watch out!

Bold Colourful Wavy Wig

Well, we did say hair like Kylie, and bold, bright colors are a signature of hers.  Different skin tones will match better with different colors, but we definitely think Kylie’s aquamarine or a soft pink lace front wig will go with just about anyone.  Kylie Jenner once said that changing her hair gives her confidence and we can’t think of a better way to stand out and feel confident than to draw everyone’s attention to you and your fabulously bright wig.  The best part about it? There’s no damage to your hair from bleach or dyes. When you’re tired of your new fun color, simply swap it out for another!

Kylie Jenner Blonde Wig

Short or long, it doesn’t really matter.  We think every woman should have a sexy platinum blonde wig in her repertoire.  Are you not sure you want to commit to being blonde? Going blonde, especially from dark, takes a lot of work and maintenance.  Every woman, at some point, has wanted to make the switch to blonde. Rather than commit, have some fun and try a wig! Do blondes actually have more fun?  Well, toss that wig on and let’s find out, honey! Kylie Jenner always seems to be having fun whenever she rocks her signature blonde.

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, take a page out of Kylie Jenner’s book and invest in some wigs that can help transform you instantly.  You’ll look and feel new and have a newfound confidence that everyone in the UK will find super sexy.  

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