How to Stop Your Wig from Shedding: Tips and Tricks

Wigs are an excellent way to change up your hairstyle without committing to a specific look. They are also incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with different hair textures and lengths. However, one of the most significant and annoying problems wig wearers face is shedding. Shedding can make your wig appear dull and thin, and it can be frustrating to find hairs all over your clothes and furniture. Fortunately, there are ways to stop your wig from shedding. In this post, we will explore some tips and tricks to prevent your wig from shedding.

Choose High Quality Care Product: Proper washing is a key factor in preventing shedding. It’s essential to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for hair extensions. Before washing your hair, comb it gently to prevent tangling, which can lead to shedding. Never excessively rub or scrub your hair extensions because this can cause them to loosen and eventually fall out. Finally, rinse your extensions thoroughly and dry them with a microfiber towel to avoid breakage and shedding.

Use Wig Sealant: One way to stop your wig from shedding is by using a wig sealant. Wig sealant is a spray or liquid that you apply to the inside of your wig to keep the hairs in place. The sealant acts as a barrier that prevents the wig from shedding. Wig sealants come in different formulations, such as silicon-based or alcohol-based. Silicon-based sealants are better for synthetic wigs, while alcohol-based formulations are better for human hair wigs. To use wig sealant, spray or apply it to the inside of your wig, making sure to coat the cap and wefts thoroughly.

Don’t Overdo the Styling: Styling your wig with heat tools and chemicals can damage the hair shafts and cause shedding. To prevent shedding, avoid using excessive heat on your wig. Use low to medium heat settings for hot tools like curling irons and flat irons. Also, avoid using chemicals like hairspray, gels, and mousse on your wig. These products can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause shedding.

Store Your Wig Properly: The way you store your wig can have an impact on how much it sheds. When not in use, make sure to store your wig properly. Hang your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to prevent it from getting tangled or crushed. Additionally, store your wig in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Excessive heat and moisture can damage the wig fibers and lead to more shedding.

In conclusion, shedding can be a frustrating problem for wig wearers, but there are ways to prevent it. Using a wig sealant, knotting your wefts, avoiding excessive heat and styling, proper storage, and choosing high-quality wigs are all effective ways to keep your wig from shedding. Remember to take good care of your wig, and it will reward you with a beautiful, shed-free hairstyle.

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