Introducing the Secret to a Realistic Wig

Have you ever wondered how to make your wig mimic your scalp? Two words – Bleached Knots. When a wig’s lace front is made, hair is tied to the lace using a knot. But these knots can be visible, giving the wig an unnatural appearance. That’s where bleaching the knots comes in. By making them less noticeable, you can achieve a more realistic hairline that mimics the look of your own scalp.

Introducing the Secret to a Realistic Wig, Realistic Handmade Wigs - Zeeelle

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I bleach the knots?” This process can be quite tedious, especially for those who are busy or not into DIY. You have to mix a mild bleach solution with water and apply it to the wig’s lace using a brush. Then, you have to wait for 30 minutes to an hour for the bleach to do its magic. What a hassle!

But worry not, because we have the ultimate solution for a wig illusion without the need for bleaching. Introducing our specially formulated waterproof product that completely covers the knots of your wig, giving you an illusion of a scalp-like blended wig. No more bleaching needed!


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