Our skilled craftsmen carefully hand-tie human hair of the finest quality, in all colors and textures, into a fine lace forming a cap that surrounds your entire head. The hairline is hand customised on your wig and your new hair is directly knotted into the lace. This is the highest quality natural volume product, makes your wig comfortable and breathable.


Thanks to this innovative approach you’ll be able to wear your favourite wig all day long comfortable and be sure that your real hair underneath won’t suffer. This particular process, together with our high-quality products and the knowledge of our craftsmen and professional hairstylists, will make your wig last for a very long time, so that it will change with you over the years with brand new haircuts, new colours and new hairdos to reflect the evolution of your personality and life.


The main advantage of using a full lace wig resides in the total freedom you have to part it multiple ways, choose your favourite haircut and hairstyle, and still have the 100% natural effect. The customised hairline follows the shape of your head, so that your wig can be parted anywhere and even an up-close look won’t be able to spot the difference between your wig and a natural hairline on front, back and sides. Pony tails, buns, braids or any other simple or elaborate stylings will give you a flawless and fashionable result. You will be able to do whatever you want with your hair and finally obtain your dream hairstyle! The full lace wig is so glamorous that is has become widespread in the entertainment industry among celebrities worldwide. They are the most expensive type of wig, because of the hard work needed to craft them, but their perfect look and their long-lasting service are absolutely worth the price. Take a look at our exclusive catalogue and enjoy your brand-new hairstyle!






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