Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs: The word itself tells that the most important part of this kind of wig is the lace in front: it is made with the finest Italian lace, which is positioned at the front of the cap, where natural hair is hand-tied. Beautiful hair of the best quality is sewed patiently and carefully onto the back of the cap giving the illusion of a perfectly natural hairline and perfect volume. This 100% natural effect is obtained thanks to the handmade process and the quality of the material we use. This allows the wig to be perceived as growing directly from your own forehead,  nobody will suspect you are wearing a wig!

To obtain a flawless result, Zeeelle’s human hair lace front wigs comes with a deep 6inch parting space, giving you the perfect solution of a natural front wig area and the amazing volume you desire. This construction is both fashionable and practical for a busy life. 

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Your lace front wig will perfectly cover your natural hairline while remaining in place despite every movement, ensuring a long-lasting and impeccable hold. Thanks to these unique features, our lace front wigs are very much used and appreciated by actresses and singers needing to change their hairstyle a lot, due to working reasons. 

Our wigs are made of the finest quality and they are 100% handmade. Our craftsmen and hairstylists in London, Great Britain carefully sew hair, customise each hairline for that natural look and hand paint every wig using modern techniques, to guarantee a valuable and long-lasting product. You can wear with or without glue, this makes our pieces easily wearable and  user-friendly: there’s no need to go to your hairstylist every day or every week, just grab your wig and wear it without any worries. This will make you save both time and money for as long as your wig lasts, which we guarantee is a very long time!




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