The Illusion Wig

Ever heard of perfection? The pieces included in this collection are perfection and flawlessness defined. Astounding in texture, amazingly alluring in appearance, these wigs are the very synthetics with the most natural of looks. Made of carefully picked materials, the illusion collection contains the softest synthetic hairs you will ever find, the perfect mimic of the human hair.

Thanks to the premium hair material, the hairline on the illusion synthetic wig can be customized to be a bespoke representation of your natural hairline. Each piece comes with a natural gradient hairline as standard and can be further customized to suit your needs.

All collection pieces exude strength and heat resistance; hence, aren’t fazed by temperatures rising to about 150 degrees. When curled, it remains as styled till next wash.

The Illusion Synthetic Collection is better than you can imagine, each piece breathe life!




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