Are Wigs Bad For Your Hair?

Wigs are an excellent option for switching up your look as often as you want and on short notice.

If you try switching up your look that often with your natural hair, you risk damaging it.

That’s why wigs are so important and, let’s not forget, so popular!

Here are 4 straightforward reasons wigs are great for your hair.

  1. Wigs that breathe are almost as good as your natural hair:

That is the truth. Plus, it’s a wonderful idea to have a different look that feels and looks like your natural hair. Shop for lightweight, hand-tied human hair or synthetic options, and switch up your look without stress.

2. Wigs give your natural hair time to recover:

As you know, your natural hair is always up against the natural weather. Throw in frequent styling procedures, and you’re faced with natural hair that is constantly under pressure all year round. 

Wearing wigs that are the right fit for your scalp can help take some of that pressure off your natural hair. From pre-styled wig units to easy-to-style units, wigs help you regulate the pressure your natural hair is exposed to. 

Without as much pressure on it, your natural hair can grow, and your natural hair care routine can begin to pay off too! 

3. No Bad Hair Days with Wigs:

Especially if you buy and maintain pre-styled wig units. So, the logic is simple; some days, your natural hair doesn’t just cut it, and then a wig is there to save the day. 

You can alternate wigs with your natural hair and stay chic the whole time. So, not only are wigs great for taking pressure off your hair, but they’re also great for your look all year round. 

4. Wigs do not damage your hairline:

Contrary to many myths about wigs damaging your scalp and hairline, wigs can protect your hairline. In the same way that wigs help your natural hair recover, they protect your hairline.

But, there’s a catch.

Installing your wigs properly protects your edges. Therefore, the trick is to install the wigs properly. Sometimes the wig bonds that help you achieve realistic-looking hairlines with your units damage your edges.

Wig cap liners and glueless wigs are great options to protect your edges. With glueless wigs that have film or HD lace material close to the colour of your skin, you don’t have to worry about glue. You can also achieve a realistic look because they’re hand-tied and adequately ventilated.

Wigs are not bad for your hair. The benefits of wearing a wig outweigh any downsides. However, you must establish a nice alternating routine for your wig and natural hair. That way, you do not leave your natural hair uncared for.

Before you go…

Pro tip: When in doubt of quality, put on a wig cap, even under your capless wigs, and try to go for glueless options that fit your scalp to protect your edges.

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