Five Ways to Give Fine Hair Volume!

Some of us are born with naturally fine hair, while some of us may experience hair thinning due to pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes associated with aging, colour treatments, and illness. 

Here are five ways to give fine hair volume.

Tip #1: Changing your parting

This is an instant fix. We usually wear our hair parted along the natural line of our crown. By flipping your hair to the other side, you get an instant lift. You’d be surprised how many people will notice this simple change.

Tip #2: Blow-drying

Blow-drying has been a method of increasing volume in fine hair for years and years. Try bending at the waist and blow-drying your hair from underneath for maximum fullness, and finishing off with hairspray.

Tip #3: Back-combing

Once again, this old tried and true method of giving oomph to fine hair works because it lifts the hair up and away from the scalp by the roots. Again, finish off with hairspray after back-combing.

Tip #4: Hair extensions

Fake hair extensions are great for when you need extra volume around the base of your head, where your hair may have broken off due to colour treatments, for example.

Tip #5: Hair-toppers

Another type of fake hair extension that gives fine hair some oomph are hair-toppers. These are clipped in around the crown, so they are good if this is where you need that bit of extra life in your hair.

Fine hair can be frustrating, but it can also be managed with these methods for adding volume to fine locks.

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