What You Need to Know About Wearing Wigs Regularly

For many women, wearing wigs is a luxury. Wig wearers love the fact that they can change their look in an instant and have fun with different styles. But is there a downside to wearing wigs? Can wearing a wig make you go bald? Let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider when it comes to wearing wigs regularly.

Can I Go Bald From Wearing a Wig?
The short answer is no. Wearing a wig will not cause baldness or hair loss unless you are experiencing an allergic reaction to the wig cap or adhesive used on the wig. In those cases, your scalp may become inflamed and itchy, leading to hair loss in some areas. However, this type of hair loss is temporary once you remove the offending item from your scalp.

If you are experiencing any type of hair loss while wearing a wig, it’s important to talk with your doctor and determine what might be causing it so that proper treatment can be prescribed if needed. Hair loss can be caused by many things including stress, genetics, medications and more—it is best to get checked out just in case!

How Can I Make Sure My Wig Stays Healthy?
There are many steps that you can take to make sure your wig stays healthy! First and foremost, always use quality products on your wigs — avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach or dye as these can damage your wigs over time. Additionally, make sure that you are washing and conditioning your wigs regularly (or following the manufacturer’s instructions if they differ). Finally, always store your wigs properly — avoid storing them in direct sunlight or in overly warm temperatures which could cause the fibers of your wig to deteriorate over time.

In conclusion, wearing wigs won’t make you bald but regular care must be taken for them to stay healthy and looking great for years to come! If you’re experiencing any type of unusual hair loss while wearing a wig then speak with your doctor immediately so that proper treatment can be prescribed if needed. Taking these steps will ensure that your wigs remain beautiful for years! Luxury-loving ladies rejoice – now you know how easy it is wear wigs without fear of going bald! Happy wig-wearing!

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